One to One – Full-Immersion English

If you are looking for a full-immersion English course for yourself, or perhaps yourself and a partner, you can choose between a One-to-One course or a Mini-Group Course. Shared Mini-Groups are for a maximum of four people. Whichever course you choose, you can look forward to a genuine full-immersion experience, sharing a house with your teachers and speaking English from breakfast until bed-time!

Our full-immersion English courses are unique in many ways. A typical two-week course includes over 140 hours of English practice through a combination of lessons, practical English and conversation sessions with your teachers. This is the equivalent of having three hours of normal classroom lessons a week for an entire year!

In addition, your course will include a full excursion program which, apart from being interesting and enjoyable, gives you the chance to speak with other people in a variety of different contexts. No other full-immersion course offers so much! So, what are your options if you are interested in a full immersion English course for one or maybe two people?

A One-to-One Course

A One-to-One full-immersion course allows you to study at your own pace without any distractions. Your course is totally focussed on your personal needs and requirements, making it exceptionally effective.

During your course you share a house with two English teachers, and every facet of your daily life in the house adds life and colour to your English. Daily conversations with teachers allow you to improve your English fluency and accuracy.

A Mini-Group Course

Full immersion group courses

If you prefer to study English in a small group, you can join one of our mini-groups. A mini-group consists of a maximum of four people who study and live together and, as with all courses, share a superb house with their teachers. Studying in a Mini-Group can be very effective and allows you to practice your English, not just with teachers but also other students. General, Academic and Business English courses are available.

Whether you choose to study One-to-One with your own teachers or join a Mini-Group, your course includes full-board accommodation with your own private room in a house which you share with two teachers. The teachers are usually a couple, so the atmosphere is similar to living with a family, but without noisy children!

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