Elite Mini-Groups – Private Groups

Our Elite Mini-Groups are private group courses, created exclusively for you, your friends or work colleagues. We provide a full immersion English course which is dedicated to your specific needs and requirements. Private Group Courses are an excellent solution for companies who want their staff to be able to study as a team, but are also a superb idea for groups of friends who prefer to live, study, and enjoy England together! Or, if you prefer, they are a fun way to study seriously!

Our Elite Mini-Groups are intended for a maximum of four people, but we can provide courses for larger groups on request. Standard course durations are 2, 3 or 4 weeks, but again, longer courses can be arranged on request.

Private Full-Immersion English Courses

Elite Mini-Group English Courses are intensive and very effective, but fun, as are all our courses. A 2-week English course includes over 140 hours of classroom lessons, practical English and conversation with your teachers. No other full immersion English course provides this level of exclusivity and learning content.

Elite Mini-Groups are private English courses, created for you and your friends or colleagues, and focussed on your specific needs, industry or profession. For example, your course can be used to learn specific vocabulary, or practice using English for practical functions, such as making presentations. Alternatively, your course can cover general and social English. It’s your course, and your choice.

Maximum Flexibility – Split Groups

For a relatively small supplement, an Elite Mini-Group of 4 students can be divided into two smaller groups, allowing 2-to-1 tuition. The group stays together in the same house, and for practical English and conversation sessions, the group reverts to being a group of 4.

Course planning

We offer General English or Business English courses. In every case, your course is planned in advance of your arrival. A month or so before your course starts you will have a written level test and a telephone interview to assess your abilities and needs. In addition, you will be sent a questionnaire in which you can outline your needs and objectives for the course.

Live and study with your teachers

You receive full-board accommodation in a house which your group shares with two teachers. All students have their own private bedrooms. House sizes vary according to group sizes but, as an example, a group of four students will be housed in a 5-6 bedroom house. Most of our accommodation is in the English countryside, generally in small and quiet towns, but close to London or the university towns of Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Guildford or Canterbury.

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